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Image of Lady in Red Image of The Big Meringue Image of Solidified Lava versus Forest Image of The Castle
  • Image of Mini artbox FULL SET
  • Image of Mini artbox FULL SET
  • Image of Mini artbox FULL SET
  • Image of Mini artbox FULL SET
  • Image of Mini artbox FULL SET

Mini artbox FULL SET



Gorgeous square-cropped re-editions of my most iconic original pictures "The Big Meringue", "Solidified Lavs vs Forest", "Lady in Red" and "Fleur de Sel" pictures.

This full Set Mini Artbox limited edition includes all 4 Mini Artbox (Lady, Meringue, Lava and Fleur).All pictures are framed in a wooden white box frame and printed on amazing UltraHD Photo Print On Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper, for extreme Sharpness And The Highest Resolution.

Each Mini Artbox is accompanied by a hand-signed certificate of authenticity including the edition number.
Picture size: 23x23cm | 9x9"
Mini Artbox total size: 4.5cm | 1.77" depth

FREE SHIPPING in Switzerland & Italy

About "Lady in Red"
Sony World Photography Award 2017 Finalist - category Travel
Published worldwide and exhibited in London, Berlin, Milan and Tokyo.
This picture is taken in Montenegro, on the Adriatic Coast, on the cove Veslo, located at the eastern part of Luštica peninsula.

About "The Big Meringue"
Winner of "SAN FRANCISCO BAY INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SHOW 2018" and included in the Bay Month of Photography exhibitions at the ACCI gallery in Berkeley.
2018 Sony World Photography Awards Finalist - Landscape and Nature.
Published worldwide from National Geographic on "Daily Dozen" and "Editors’ weekly favorite submissions" for 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year contest.
Scala dei Turchi" (The Turkish Steps) is a white cliff in Realmonte (Sicily) made of a soft limestone and a blinding white marl. Natural erosion has created steps on the cliff face, making it look soft and sinuous, like a Big Meringue covered with sprinkles (the people sitting and walking on it).

About "Solidified Lava vs Forest"
Award-winning, worldwide published picture:
• Selected for the "Best of Show" IPA exhibition in New York (November 2017)
• 2nd place at IPA 2017 and PX3 2017
• Photo of the day on National Geographic
Those waves of lava are from Etna's big eruption back in 2002, this eruption was so spectacular that was recorded by Lucasfilm and integrated into the landscape of the planet Mustafar in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III

About "Fleur De Sel"
Flower of salt it's the “caviar” of salts, made drawing seawater into artificial salt pans and allowing the water to evaporate. While most of the salt gets on the bottom of the pan (and is later collected as ordinary sea salt), some salt crystals float on the surface of the water, forming a delicate crust of intricate pyramidal crystals, the "fleur de sel". Due to variable algae and bacteria concentrations, vivid colors are created in the evaporation ponds. This picture was taken in Spain.